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    At Dien An Air Base, important work is going on. Three Wyvern bombers are undergoing emergency modifications in the hangar. These three Wyvern bombers had been injured and forced to land in previous dogfights, then captured. The number of fighters being repaired The personnel are destroying and removing all the bombing equipment on the aircraft to reduce the weight of the aircraft itself. The Soviet experts guiding the work felt miserable, blaming Erguotou and complaining: "This bomber is Japan's most advanced bomber, right? It's very valuable for research." , Davarisi, are you really planning on dismantling them into transport planes?” ?”

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    What confused Gangcun Ningci the most was that on the same day, the Japanese army also failed miserably in the direction of Linfen. After more than ten days of fierce fighting, the 128th Infantry Division and the 129th Infantry Division of the 8th Army, in coordination with an armored battalion and two mechanized infantry battalions, were forced to liberate the Large and small fortifications outside Linfen. Using an aviation bomb weighing 1,000 kilograms to blow up a huge hole in the 30m wide city wall, the 128th Infantry Division and a group of tanks rushed in. Desperate Japanese troops came to help, but the 129th Infantry Division used Linfen as a grindstone and ground them into meat sauce batch after batch. The unsupported 69th Division finally collapsed under the fierce attack of these two divisions, abandoned the strategic position of Lam Phan where they had operated for several years, and hastily withdrew to Tan Trung. This meant that the Japanese army even lost its springboard to threaten Yan'an, and the strategic initiative completely fell to the Eighth Army.

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    After chasing and escaping, they quickly entered the waters of the Truong Son archipelago. At this time, the three submarine hunters had scarred faces and smoke everywhere. Perhaps they realized they could not escape. They entered the waters of the South Truong Son island before stopping, drawing their bows, forming a bow team. name. He coldly stared at the Japanese fleet chasing him. Kobayashi Kensan could see clearly, and grinned: "Do you want to die?" He ordered the fleet to slow down, aim the main guns, and at the same time contacted Zhang Donghai via radio: "I appreciate your courage and determination, but you must admit that you lost this naval battle. Everything is settled! Surrender, the imperial army will treat prisoners better!"

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    Eighteen vehicle-mounted 122mm guns fired at a rate of six rounds per minute, and more than a hundred shells hit Japanese artillery positions within a minute, exploding guns everywhere. In the fierce explosion, Japanese artillerymen were flying in the flesh, several heavy artillery guns were overturned one after another, bullets exploded, making the scene extremely lively and lively. The Japanese 150mm heavy howitzer immediately opened fire on the self-propelled artillery battalion, with both sides firing at each other at a distance of 8,000m. It's just that this type of confrontation is very unfair, because the self-propelled artillery battalion can fire several shells at one position at once, move to the next position and continue firing, while the heavy guns The heavy weight of the Japanese army wanted to move. It was not so easy up. The artillery of the Japanese Army fought fiercely with their shirts off, but most of the shells hit the air, and the shells fired by the self-propelled artillery battalions continuously smashed, toppling the artillery one after another. of the Japanese Army lost their composure. The Japanese also used all their strength, not even needing to move their nests, just worrying about reloading and firing.

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    Representative Xue finally knew why Chen Jianfeng showed signs of wanting to kick others when he heard that he was offering an 8.50% discount, he only cared about a little profit, which made the application This big product that hasn't appeared in several years has appeared. cut in half. ! It's over, if the factory foreman finds out, he'll send you back to your hometown and give you a lifetime of unpaid leave! Don't think that 3,000 to 5,000 medium-sized tractors are a small quantity, as a large agricultural province, Henan only has a total of 330,000 tractors, Hebei has 210,000 tractors, each time selling 5,000 tractors. is relatively rare.up. But because he didn't want to reduce the price more, the original order of 5,000 cars has now become 3,000... God, if he really comes back with such an order, even if the home director machine let him go, all the employees in the factory He will also be beaten to death with a stick! He held Xue Jianqiang's hand and called out excitedly: "My God, let's be friends. I'll give you a 20% discount. Can you order 5,000 cars?"

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    Liu Xingchang said: "According to the pilot's report, the H-5 performed bravely. It was extremely fast and powerful. Japanese fighters had no way to resist the raids of It didn't make many sorties, but it easily overwhelmed the Japanese. The battle formation shot down 18 Japanese fighter planes. Especially the Dian-5, its damage was too great. Under the Because of its intervention, the Japanese army had no way to communicate by radio, was completely scattered and could only passively fight back. !” At this time, he eagerly looked at Tiet Kien Cuong: "Can you help me buy more Hong Vu? There are only more than a hundred, not enough!"

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    His defiant demeanor was definitely arousing hatred, Mr. Matsuda, who was beaten by Xue Min, was very angry, but Kazuyo Kuroshima remained expressionless... At the beginning of the fight, he also thought that he would only three to five hundred people It can be easily taken off, and as a result the face is swollen. The reason why Suo Yiqing is so arrogant is because he hasn't endured much hardship yet, and now without even bothering to remind him, he just let this guy hit his head and bleed!

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    The platoon leader pointed at Neiji Gangmura, his face pale and his eyes spitting fire: "He is a traitor, not a citizen, and a coward! No Japanese soldier would make an act of begging." The Chinese surrendered like that." He deliberately wants to destroy the emperor, gentlemen, in order to compete for the glory of millions of lives, we want to kill this thief for the empire!

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    The road from Yan'an to Yanchang is very busy with traffic and occasional congestion, so the road is not easy. There is no such thing, there are many cars on the road, there are no traffic police, it all depends on each person's self-awareness, if there is no congestion, it is called hell. However, oil tankers can circulate unhindered, no matter how congested the traffic is, when they see a convoy of trucks filled with oil approaching, drivers will automatically feel that they will pull over. Pull over to the side of the road to let them pass before continuing to drive. Xue Min looked left and right, except for a three-wheeled vehicle that was still a three-wheeled vehicle, a construction vehicle that was still a three-wheeled vehicle, nothing else. She asked curiously: "Brother, why are there so many three-wheeled vehicles? Did you do that on purpose?"

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    The bald head's face became even more gloomy and he growled softly: "Let him go!"

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    National troops help carry bullets. Honey, where do the local turtles get so many crazy killers? The chaos of small Japan is so scary. It can be seen that they have some sympathy for the Japanese army!

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    But Okamura Ningji still sent a special envoy. He was confident that the Eighth Army would accept his ceasefire proposal, and this confidence stemmed from his understanding of the Chinese.

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    Xue Min said: "The record is the same, but I'm not very satisfied... The main force of the 7th Wing is still there!"

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    A feeling of helplessness appeared in Gangcun Ningci's leather eyes: "Is there no way?"

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    His chest rose and fell violently, screaming frantically: "Oil is about to come out! Oil is about to come out! Geologists immediately evacuate, the fire department prepares to put out the fire, quickly!"

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    These big guys all took a deep breath... What is the concept of one to two billion tons of oil? Japan's annual oil consumption is only about 2 million tons. Even if only half of the oil is exploited, it is enough for Japan to use for a century! If they knew that Bac Manh had such a large oil field, they would have fought with My Nam. Focusing on exploiting oil in Bac Manh would have been enough, and they could also export the surplus! Alas, the flag is missing, the flag is missing!

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    Then the Eighth Route Army pushed them into the water, flattened them, and threatened the entire army;